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Product introduction

The tensioning wheel is mainly composed of fixed housing, tensioning arm, wheel body, torsion spring, rolling bearing and spring sleeve, etc. It can automatically adjust the tensioning force according to different degrees of belt tightness, making the transmission system stable and safe.

Tensioner bearings is a key component on the tensioner, with deep groove ball bearings, double row angular contact ball bearings as the main structural form, but in high temperature resistance, high speed resistance, clearance, low noise, reliability and other aspects of more stringent control, making it more suitable for vehicle working environment.

Feijie offers more than 300 different types of automotive tensioner (wheel) bearings for customers to choose from, which are suitable for a wide range of cars, off-road vehicles, light, medium and heavy duty vehicles.

Type of structure

Deep groove ball bearings

Double row angular contact ball bearings

Product features

High temperature resistant

High speed

Good resistance to wear and tear

High reliability

Low noise level

Long service life

Application areas

Special tensioning devices for automotive belt or chain drives

Product List


1If the car tensioner pulley rattles, the first thing to distinguish is whether it is inside the engine rattles, then is the replacement of the tensioner pulley itself is not a problem and is not a foreign body inside the belt cover. If these problems are ruled out, or if it still rattles, then you need to replace it as soon as possible and not wait for the belt tensioner pulley to die. If the timing belt tensioner pulley is dead, it will cause the belt to break and break the valve, with serious consequences.


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