Quality Assurance Centre

Feijie has always been on a close fit with the high demand standard, withstand the industry's strict management system assessment of the product, with the spirit of excellence, in order to meet the requirements of industry users, professional technology breakthroughs, perfect innovation, in recent years, Feijer gradually invested a lot of money to update the testing equipment, now has a contour meter, Vickers hardness tester and image measuring instrument and other international advanced testing equipment, at the same time, training professional technical personnel, so that the product quality to reach the industry's advanced level.

Profile and Roughness Measuring Instrument

Roundness meter

Hardness tester

Image measuring instrument

Adhering to the "customer requirements is the pursuit of Feijie, customer support is the foundation of feijie development" belief
It is the prerequisite for Cixi Feijie Bearing Co., Ltd. to stand in the domestic and foreign markets.

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